An Expert Team 

At Simple Washing, we believe one of the best ways to ensure maximum satisfaction among clients is to offer the most professional hand available. Therefore, with every project we handle, we only provide you with the very best and most experienced team that is sure to get things done quickly with maximum professionalism.

An All-in-One Solution Provider

 We are not just a one-man team. When you make use of our service, you make use of a whole team of property cleanup and upkeep maintenance management experts. This helps to ensure that no matter your property cleaning and upkeep needs, you will get the right hand and best service.


A Client Focused Approach

 Simple Washing has designed its service delivery system to offer a client-based approach. This means we come to your property to understand its needs and provide the best possible hands. How is this possible? At Simple Washing, our cleaners have varying skill sets and this has made it possible to offer as many services as your property demands.

A Reliable Customer Service Team

 As a team dedicated to offering maximum satisfaction to its customers, we believe communication is a key to achieving this goal. Therefore, we have setup a reliable customer service team that’s always on hand to answer all of your questions, inquiries, suggestions or complaints. We believe it’s one of the best ways to improve our services and serve you better.

So, do you need a PROFESSIONAL HAND? Get in touch with us!



Your home should be a place of rest; where you come to after a stressful day at work to relax your mind and spend time with your family. However, this is not always the case. Whether its deferred maintenance, unexpected cleanup or dealing with the upkeep outside of your property, property maintenance management has always been a pain in the neck for property owners.

To make all these pains go away, Simple Washing was born.

Simple Washing offers a one-stop solution to all of your home maintenance and clean up needs. Whether it’s a cleaning or upkeep project for both the inside and outside of your property, we take a result-driven approach that assures a safe and guaranteed solution that showcases maximum expertise from start to finish.We offer a professional soft and pressure washing service for every area outside of the house including decks and roofs, driveways, fences, house exterior, sidewalks, gutters with soffit and facia.

We are made up of a reliable team of cleaners while boasting a wide vendor list of reliable technicians who boast a high level of experience in handling several clean up, upkeep and maintenance projects. Combined with our willingness to work, we make sure to understand your property and take care of it like it’s ours. This has been the driving force to our success over the years.