Soft washing is a revolutionary technique for cleaning the roofs. Here high-quality and biodegradable chemical solutions are applied to the roof surface and cleaned with gentle pressure. This ensures the roof is cleaned properly without any damage. The benefits of soft washing for cleaning roof are provided below:

Doesn’t Damage the Roof

Roof is different from the other surfaces of a house. The roof has to be cleaned gently to protect it from damage. Using pressure washing can be abrasive to the roof surface and it can cause damage to the roof. Pressure washing the roof can also lead to water percolating inside and this can cause seepage in the walls which can lead to other structural problems in the house. Soft washing allows you to adjust the water pressure and is gentler on the roof compared to pressure washing. This ensures that the roof is cleaned effectively without causing any damage to it.

Extends Life of the Roof

Dirty roofs can attract more sunlight due to their darker color. This not only makes the house warmer, but it also ages the roof prematurely. Roofs that are not cleaned regularly can become infested with algae or mold growth that can cause considerable damage to it. By the time you notice the algae or mold growth, the damage could already have been done to the roof. Such algae and mold growth can degrade the roof quickly and reduce its lifespan by up to 50%.  Soft washing cleans the debris and also eliminates the growth of algae and mold on the roof, thereby preserving the lifespan of the roof. This will ensure that you save money in the long run by not having to replace your roof regularly.

Soft Washing is Eco-Friendly

Soft washing makes use of biodegradable and natural solution for cleaning the roof that destroys the algae and bacteria. Using soft washing you do not need to apply any harsh cleaning agents that use harmful chemicals to clean your roof. This keeps your roof safe and protects it from damage from using of any harmful chemicals and cleaning agents. Soft washing also contributes towards the protection and conservation of the environment.


Soft washing is a very cost-effective technique for cleaning the roof. You can clean your roof regularly at a reasonable cost and this will extend the lifespan of the roof hence you do not have to replace the roof regularly. Regularly soft washed roof will also lower your cooling costs and help you save on electricity bills.